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Survey about health and safety at work

Obtain a preliminary opinion about your CNESST contributions without any fee or commitment. Fill out this short questionnaire to find out whether your CNESST contributions correspond to the quality of your company’s prevention efforts and overall OHS management, at no cost.

What is your company’s main activity sector?
How many employees does your company have?
What is the total annual amount of your contributions to CNESST?
Are you currently part of a prevention mutual group?
Is your customized contribution rate (TP) lower or higher than the contribution rate of the unit (TU) of classification you belong to?
Do you think that your mutual gives you savings that correspond to the quality of your CNESST file?
Since joining a mutual group, have you validated your file with other mutuals to ensure you still have the best savings and reasonable management fees?
Do you think that your classification(s) at CNESST correspond(s) to your company type(s) and to the category or categories of your employees?
Are your injured workers assigned to perform temporary and/or light work?
Does your company have prevention procedures in the workplace?
Fill out the fields below to obtain your results within a few hours. You will obtain recommendations directly from one of our expert advisers to optimize your OHS file and reduce your CNESST contributions. An error has occurred

Thank you for completing our questionnaire!

Contact us immediately to learn more about our services or send us a CNESST file access authorization form (available on our site) in complete confidentiality and with no fee or commitment.

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