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Occupational health and safety : matching your contribution to your situation

Do your contributions for occupational health and safety seems too high? Are you taking steps to prevent workplace accidents and want your efforts recognized?
Our multidisciplinary team will analyze your situation, advise you, and help you reduce your accidents and contributions to a minimum. We provide a one-stop-shop for our services, available throughout Quebec and other Canadian provinces.

Management of prevention mutual groups

We can reduce your OHS contribution by 25% to 50%, depending on your OHS performance level. The provincial average for CNESST contribution savings is about 20%. Source: CNESST

Analysis of, and recommendations for, your prevention mutual group contract for renewal, membership, and revocation—to reduce costs without penalty

Take advantage of our complete knowledge of the prevention mutual market to compare the performance of your mutual group and ensure you have the best service with an optimal quality-price ratio

Analysis of your CNESST profile by seasoned professionals, without any fees or commitments from you and with total confidentiality. Two options are available:

1. Complete the CNESST file access authorization form and send it by mail and email to the addressess indicated on the second page of this form here

2. Your company is registered electronically with CNESST : email us your information, including your NEQ here. We will send you a request for access authorization through the CNESST window so we can access your employer files

Occupational and non-occupational disability management

Management of injury claims

Interventions focusing on fast and permanent return to work

Outsourcing resources for your company

Designated physician available at the Trinome Conseils offices

Medical expert, ergonomist, and EAP services across the province via our partner network.

Consulting and legal representations for occupational health and safety

Consulting and legal representations by our lawyers, members of the "Barreau du Québec", before various administrative branches of the CNESST and the tribunal administratif du travail (TAT)

Consulting and legal representations in cases of OHS offences and penalties, od disput of classification and company jurisdiction

Conciliation, mediation and negotiation of settlement agreements related to OHS and the Act Respecting Labour Standards for the employer association and employer accounts

Actuarial analyses: prevention mutual groups, retrospective plans, and customized rates

Analysis of the impact of your CNESST contribution during sale, purchase, or merger of the company

Analysis and financial projections in the context of the CNESST retrospective plan

Selection calculations for per-claim limits and retrospective adjustments

Analysis of employer groups and recommendations for the best pricing plan for CNESST: customized rates, private prevention mutual groups, Trinome mutuals, retrospective plan

Analysis of your CNESST classification and jurisdiction

Payroll reporting support

Calculation of the financial impact of claims on your CNESST contributions

To guide your temporary assignment decisions, challenge an injury, engage in surveillance, or invest in prevention or OHS training

Prevention of workplace accidents

Introduction and implementation of action plans to meet your occupational health and safety (OHS) obligations

Audit of your OHS procedures

Workplace inspection

Investigation and analysis of workplace accidents

Asbestos, WHMIS, and lockout management

Support for the occupational health and safety committee

Development of workplace accident prevention programs and various procedures, e.g., lockouts, and working in confined spaces

Our Occupational health and safety training

Occupational injury management



Temporary assignment

Criminal offences and criminal negligence

The CNESST claims process

The occupational health and safety committee

Investigation and analysis of workplace accidents

Planned inspections

Workplace harassment

The ABC's of a prevention program

Prevention program ABC’s Roles and responsibilities of supervisors and foremen

Demystifying and instituting lockouts

Occupational health and safety financial management

Are you still looking for the service that responds to your needs or will solve your occupational health and safety problems? Contact us. We are resourceful and will design the perfect solution for your situation.

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Obtain a preliminary opinion about your CNESST contributions without any fee or commitment. Fill out this short questionnaire to find out whether your CNESST contributions correspond to the quality of your company’s prevention efforts and overall OHS management, at no cost.

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