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Do you want to implement a group insurance plan but fear the costs are too high? Do your group insurance costs keep increasing? Are you looking for a way to reduce costs while providing an attractive plan for your employees?


Our consultants have vast expertise in designing group insurance plans to maximize and stabilize the contribution of an employer while greatly improving employees’ satisfaction with their group insurance plan. Learn more about our modular group insurance plan, developed specifically for SMEs by our team of consultants.

Our group insurance services

Analysis of your group insurance needs, including funding mechanisms (insured, self-insured, and retention)

Design of new plans

Preparation and monitoring for call of tenders

Analysis of tenders and recommendations

Quarterly follow-up of the claims experience, and presentation to the client

Projection of future renewal results

Analysis of renewal conditions, recommendations and renegotiation to reduce increases

Administrative support for plan implementation

Communications with employees to raise awareness about the plan cost impacts of their purchases

Outsourcing of group insurance plan management

Are you still looking for the service that responds to your needs or will solve your group insurance problems? Contact us. We are resourceful and will design the perfect solution for your situation.

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Group insurance

Analysis, customization, and implementation of traditional and “modular” insurance plans

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Pension plan

Analysis, design, administration, and integration of retirement programs

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Human Resources

Human resources management coaching and support on labour law obligations

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Occupational health and safety

Analysis and optimization of your occupational health and safety records

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